What We Focus on, We Become

“Our focus is our future and what we focus on will multiply in our life.”

- David DeNotaris

What We Focus on, We Become

In my twenties I used to read a lot of crime fiction. I used to enjoy the psychological aspect of many of those novels and I had an interest in forensic crime and found those types of books also a fast read. I became a mother in my thirties and found my emotions were heightened and I could not read anything that had violence in it, especially if it involved children. Living in a country where sexual violence was a harsh reality, also made me move away from that sort of content. It was just too close to home. Along with that natural evolution of personal taste, was the fact that after so many years of working in the field of self-development, energy healing and spirituality I had learnt how important it was to be conscious of what we consumed. And by that I mean not just what we put inside our bodies, but what we expose our minds to as well. As a deeply spiritual person, I realised how what we consume, both physically, mentally and emotionally influences our vibration, our thoughts, our actions and ultimately what we experience. What we watch, read and listen to as well as who we surround ourselves with, ultimately effects our state of mind and in time alters our reality.

Aspects of life that lower our energy vibration, state of mind and immune system include: watching or reading anything about violence or involving humiliation, degradation or suffering. This can include news reports or crime programs, crime fiction as well as horror movies etc. Also surrounding yourself with ‘glass half empty’ people who always focus on the negative, have limiting beliefs or who gossip or display emotions like envy, judgement, jealousy or anger on a regular basis, also has a negative effect. We can all fall into the trap of being negative at times and we are only human and do suffer from those types of emotions at times, but it is our responsibility to ourselves and others to be self-aware and self-correct when that happens.

This is a truth I have come to understand and practice, but still recently put aside.

Currently I am staying in an Airbnb and it is the holiday season but lockdown, which means everything is closed. This particular apartment has a selection of crime novels by an author I used to enjoy and so I decided to start in chronological order and read them. Well, I only got partially through the second book before I realised I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t actually relaxing at all and I found myself in a really negative state of mind and irritable mood. Without a doubt my vibration has changed and the content was too unpleasant to find entertaining on any level. I also discovered that with the world in such a dire state, one really did not need to add to the potential state of depression I was facing. I felt very negative and down for the few days I was reading the books so once I identified this, I decided to put those novels away and rather focus on uplifting content and specifically Scripture instead. It of course does not matter whether you are religious or spiritual, or not. It is still possible to focus one’s energy on uplifting content and away from the negative.

Aspects of life that raise our energy vibration, state of mind and immune system include: watching or reading anything that is positive, life-affirming or uplifting. This can include motivational books and talks, poetry, anything to do with life, love or people overcoming obstacles or helping others. Listening to music, spending time in nature or with animals, involving yourself in creative pursuits, prayer or acts of service, all help too. Avoid gossip and when you catch yourself thinking something limiting or negative, take a deep breath and replace that thought with a positive one.

I know many people who think they are immune from this. I have known bitter people who spend a lot of time gossiping about others but don’t see the connection to their own lives. Others who are oblivious to how their daily dose of negative news stories causes them to feel angry and rant; or those whose constant watching of the crime channel and violent content effects their state of mind. They may have become acclimatised to the violence (and even within that there is a problem!), but subconsciously that negative energy is going somewhere. It is tainting their spirit and feeling their space with negativity. But you don’t need to take my word for it, journal and note your psychological and emotional state over a period of three months, along with what you expose yourself to. I promise you, you will see a pattern emerge and it will be enlightening.

I also believe in the law of attraction and how we attract what we focus on and think about. So, I’m not sure about you but after the year we have just had, my focus is on happiness, joy and appreciating good health and relationships with people I care about. There is no space in my mind, heart or life for anything destructive or negative - the world already has enough of that.

January is a good month for detoxing both the body and mind, and this was a useful reminder to me of just how important that is.