Looking Back

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

- Robert Brault

Looking Back

A year ago we could never have imagined the state of the world as it is now. A year ago we took so much for granted. Now everything has shifted so radically, and I can’t help feeling that even if things ‘go back’ they won’t ever quite be the same again. New required behaviours like the wearing of masks and social distancing feel like they are here to stay.

Edinburgh is so very quiet, it is eerie. The city has a dream-like quality to it and often I feel as if we are in some sort of sci-fi movie. All of life is on hold. One giant pause. Perhaps a much needed space to breathe. And that is the gift of this experience, if we are willing to see it as more than just an inconvenience, or curse. But as positive as I try and be, at times the uncertainty of the future weighs heavily on my heart is and there are so many experiences from the past that I miss. All I can do is look back with gratitude that I had them.

Right now I look back and am so grateful for the special moments I shared with others. For the expensive brunch I agreed to go to with family, for the cocktails late into the evening with friends, for the in-person courses and gatherings I attended and the coffee and cake afternoon treats with my aunt at a local cafe. I am grateful for all the hugs and conversations, the reassuring touch of a hand on a shoulder, being able to see a person smile. Small things, but as the quote by Robert Brault advises, they are really the big things.