Not a Merry Christmas

Not a Merry Christmas

Most of us have heard about the moral fable of the frogs in boiling water, that is often used to warn about the slow erosion of liberties or any other slow threat. The story is actually factually inaccurate but never the less a good way of describing a scene - a frog placed in boiling water feels the pain immediately and can jump on fast, while as one place in tepid water that slowly heats, has time to adjust its temperature and not notice the dire situation until it is too late and he is basically boiled alive.

We've been told Christmas is cancelled. London is now in a strict Tier 4 Lockdown and from Boxing Day, most of Scotland will be as well. It feels like this dark cloud is hanging around and about to storm down, right after Christmas, making it even more difficult to feel particularly festive this year.

With talks of lockdown measures being necessary until everyone is vaccinated and the reality being at the current rate it will take 10 years to vaccinate the whole UK population, I cant help but feel things wont be improving or going back to normal for a long time. And in fact, what we considered normal has definitely gone. Already most of the world has adjusted and accepted social distancing and the wearing of masks and I cant help thinking that those things are here to stay.

While there may be minor protests and lots of grumbling, for the most part everyone just adapts and moves on. Humans have the most amazing ability to adapt to change, even uncomfortable change that threatens our freedom and individuality it seems. It is purely biological. Our ability to adapt is what ensures our survival. We become used to things, the way things work, the daily routine, new rules. We adjust. We adapt. We carry on. It is primal, necessary in order for our species to survive. Although at times our ability to simply accept and adapt scares me.

I can’t stop thinking we are like those frogs, just boiling slowly.

Photo by Brian Asare on Unsplash